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Acupuncture $195 First Time 
$130/Hr For All Additional Sessions


A custom acupuncture treatment addressing a patient's symptoms and experiences. A comprehensive intake on a person's full history; physically, mentally, and spiritually is gathered to inform the treatment protocol. Nile looks at the tongue and pulse to know how blood and fluids are flowing through the body. This indicates which organs need extra support. She balances the body and restores health through a multidisciplinary approach. Nile's specialty is addressing pain, resolving trauma, and enriching spiritual awareness. Common issues resolved for patients include digestive and sleep issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, back, knee or shoulder pain. See chart for other ways acupuncture can help. Home care consists of a list of foods to improve conditions and supporting herbs, if necessary. Packages are available upon request for discounted prices.

Family Constellations Work


Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics within a family in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. Patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation can be resolved once we bring awareness to the family of origin system. Unresolved generational patterns can prevent a person from knowing themselves and activating their gifts in the world. These patterns can stunt a person from growing into their fullness and leave them feeling like they are living their parent's life. Lastly, these patterns can stop a person from receiving support from others and feeling stuck in a continuous cycle. Sometimes, in our life we are holding the life purpose of our parents. This is because our parents did not yet learn the lessons their soul agreed to learn on this planet. These lessons are then passed on to the child in hopes to continue the evolution and resolve any karmic ties from learning that lesson for the whole family. This therapeutic approach clears ancestral lines to bring the benevolent guidance and support from the ancestors.

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Cupping Treatment

Asian Body Work $75/Hr

An Individualized session that may include Cupping Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and healing practices from Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan medicine traditions.

2 HR Visual Emotion Therapy™ $260/Session

Visual Emotion Therapy™ + Acupuncture $390/Session

Visual Emotional Therapy™ is a specialized integration therapy created by Meredith Nile. Clients often report significant changes in their quality of life after just one session. Working with the right and left brain we are able to create a full spectrum of communication between both hemispheres. Communication with the subconscious mind allows it to become an ally and guide for us to receive the support we need in life. This integrated wisdom allows us to choose our emotions and be in choice of how we want to feel. We then create an anchors to returned to the embodied state of consciousness we are choosing to become. Visual emotion also helps to build a new biological neural network for people who hold trauma. Working with both the right and the left brain, we are able to access a resource that was not present when the tragic experience occurred. An example of this is when someone use to freeze when someone would bring up topic money. After therapy when money comes up they are able to advocate for themselves and negotiate with ease and grace.

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Herbal Consultations $60/Session

A full medical intake is completed to provide a custom herbal remedy that increases the vitality of the client. This process takes into account the whole person and helps activate the individual's physical and energetic healing process.

15 Minute FREE New Client Consultation

Nile is available for 15 minute consultations for new and prospective clients.  Please contact for more information.

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Sacred Ceremonies and Land Honoring

Ceremonies are an intentional way of honoring each stage of life that touches our heart and grows us into the people we are becoming. Nile will work with the client to create a personalized ceremony to honor the passage the client currently is traversing. This can include, but not limited to: ~House or Land Clearings and Blessings ~Garden and Tree Planting Ceremonies ~Ancestral Blessings ~Marriage Ceremonies ~Baby Blessings ~Grieving Ceremonies ~Uncoupling Ceremonies and Blessings ~Honoring of Loved Ones Passing Ceremony (Includes Pets) ~Rites of Passage Blessings

Food Forests and Regenerative Installations

When we heal the land we heal our body; and when we tend to the garden, it brings us vibrant health. Nile collaborates with Thriving Roots to bring epic, edible landscapes that are restorative to the land, beauty for the eyes, and future food security. These systems are high food production and low maintenance. We intentionally plant trees, build community, and living systems that will continue to heal your soul. Let’s create the world we want to live in together! For more information check out

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