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How Do You Know If You Have Trauma?

If one has an experience that was impactful to one's mind, body or spirit that leaves them in shock or difficult for them to make sense of the experience trauma could be lingering in the body and mind.  Trauma can show up as :

•       Pain

•       Bad dreams

•       Inability to focus

•       Anxiety

•       Depression

•       Inability to understand others

•       Tired after focusing for short period of times

•       Reactionary and defensive to others

•       Flashbacks

•       Heart palpitations

•       Avoiding circumstance and situations

•       Addiction

•       Low self-esteem and confidence

•       Bullying

•       Inability to rest and relax

•       Self-harm

•       Insomnia

•       Isolating and inability to ask for what you need

•       Sweaty palms or night sweats

•       Abnormal fears

•       Constant looking for approval and reassurance

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