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What To Expect with Visual Emotion?

One should expect to feel more relaxed, secure, confident, and clear after a Visual Emotion Therapy™ session. By moving at the pace of the central nervous system and following the subconscious, we will never discuss a topic that is not ready to be processed. This allows a person to feel grounded and resourced as they move though their trauma. It is not necessary to relive or experience the details again to resolve it. 


As a result, most people report feeling "like themselves" again. They may feel tired for the day or like they need to rest, if we resolve a deep trauma. However, most people feel energized once they let go of their past baggage.  Having alone time after a session or enjoying a walk in nature can help integrate as the systems rewires. Just like when a computer screen goes blank while it is updating, the body sometimes needs down time to return to its optimal potential.

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